Welcome to VirhostlncR

(Virus modulated host-cellular long non-coding RNAs)

The VirhostlncR is a user-friendly online database of experimentally identified long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) perturbed by diverse viral infections in the mammalian host cell lines. Currently, it hosts over 2802 lncRNAs differentially expressed in 31 different cell lines in response to 33 viral infections. Such lncRNAs reported in the published research articles identified using RNA-Seq, microarray, northern blot and qPCR-based approaches are assembled in this database. The details on specific virus/strain, the multiplicity of infections (MOIs), time points of infection and analysis, cell line/type, differentially regulated lncRNAs, their differential expression type (Up/Down) (Cutoff: Fold change -1.5; p-value < 0.05) and the experiment type are provided for value-addition analysis. Each of these parameters is also linked to their corresponding research article for additional reference. All the data in VirhostlncR were obtained by manual inspection/biocuration. We request the support of the scientific community for efficient mapping of these lncRNAs towards their continued annotation into VirhostlncR. Search and Batch Query using lncRNA name (NCBI/Ensembl ID) is also made avilabile.


Viral strains:  33
Host cell line count:   31
LncRNA accessions:   2802