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Gastric Cancer Proteomics DataBase (GCPDB)

The Gastric Cancer Proteomics DataBase (GCPDB) is an online repository of protein biomarkers linked to gastric cancers, identified via mass spectrometry-based methods. Currently, the database contains manually curated differential regulation data for over 6900 proteins across various clinical samples including cancerous tissue, blood serum, urine, saliva, stomach fluid, and fixed tissues. These differential regulation events have been meticulously analyzed to decipher important functional aspects associated with gastric cancers. To synthesize the utility of these markers, explicit marker panels have been constructed through Protein Biomarker Matrix for Gastric Cancer (PBMGC). GCPDB also offers a user-friendly interface for browsing protein biomarker information and allows batch queries for specific proteins. It also enables searches for proteotypic peptides and provides a data submission portal for researchers to contribute their published proteomics data.

Infographics of samples and markers in GCPDB data

GCPDB's infographic data catalogue showcases carefully curated information from articles detailing gastric cancer biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, drug susceptibility, resistance, therapy, and screening across diverse clinical samples. It encompasses data from various cancer types, grades, stages, and tumor locations, along with records of biomarker validation, associations with infectious agents, and mass spectrometry platform details.