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Databases and Integrative Omics Data Analysis

Explore the intricate world of biological data through comprehensive guide on Databases and Integrative Omics Data Analysis, unraveling insights that bridge genetics, proteomics, and more.

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Development of Next-Generation Tools for Systems Biology

Empowering cutting-edge research, our project focuses on pioneering the creation of next-generation tools poised to revolutionize the field of systems biology.

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Development and Analysis of Signal Transduction Pathways

Explore the intricate world of cellular communication through our comprehensive resources on the development and analysis of signal transduction pathways.

CIODS is a Yenepoya University's YenVision-2025 initiative, focusing on next-generation integrative omics research. Our key areas include databases and integrative omics data analysis, developing advanced tools for systems biology, and analyzing signal transduction pathways. Whether you're a researcher or enthusiast, CIODS offers a platform to delve into cutting-edge biological research. Explore our resources and join us in advancing the field.

Collaborating with the Centre for Integrative Omics Data Science (CIODS) is straightforward. We welcome:

  • Research Collaboration: Join forces on integrative omics projects.
  • Access Resources:Use our data analysis guides and tools.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored support for your research needs.
  • Stay Connected: Keep up with CIODS through our website and social media.

To explore collaboration, contact us via our website. Together, we can drive breakthroughs in biological research.

At the Centre for Integrative Omics Data Science (CIODS), we offer a range of services that empower researchers and scientists in the field of biological sciences. Our services encompass:

  • Databases and Integrative Omics Data Analysis
  • Development of Next-Generation Tools for Systems Biology
  • Development and Analysis of Signal Transduction Pathways
  • Machine Learning approaches for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition
About Us

Centre for Integrative Omics Data Science (CIODS) is a part of an initiative to undertake the next-generation integrative omics research on various fields of biological sciences and also its integration to Artificial Intelligence platforms for translational research. Supported under the YenVision-2025 of the Yenepoya University, the CIODS is envisioned towards assembly of global datasets and development of tools for analysis of integrated omics datasets (at DNA/RNA/protein/post-translational modification levels) in multiple themes including carcinogenesis, cancer drug resistance, infections, and signal transduction mechanisms.





Assistant Professor

Dr. Niyas Rehman

Assistant Professor

Dr. Saptami Kanekar

Technical Officer

Mahammad Nisar

More about us

The centre is constituted by the experts in these disciplines with a team of Data Scientists, Programmers and AI specialists to analyse, process and interpret molecular omics and clinical data and hence, formulation of creative integrative approaches for future endeavors. Coupled to the global genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic and signaling pathways through multiple themes, this centre also aims to develop efficient gateway platforms for systems biology research. We are keen to hire motivated, enthusiastic and passionate researchers who want to pursue their career in multi-omics and integrative omics research to drive global omis data science projects initiated at CIODS to transform CIODS into an institute of excellence.

Our Publications

Rajesh, G. D., Koshy, A. J., Akshay, S. D., Dwivedi, P. S. R., Ashtekar, H., Rehman, N., & Kumar, P. (2024). Inhibition of β-lactamase by novel benzothiazole-coupled azetidinone derivatives: A comprehensive study using an in-silico and in-vitro approaches against multi drug resistant bacteria. Journal of Computational Biophysics and Chemistry, 12(7), 123-134.
Banjan, B., Vishwakarma, R., Ramakrishnan, K., Dev, R. R., Kalath, H., Kumar, P., Soman, S., Raju, R., Revikumar, A., Rehman, N., & Abhinand, C. S. (2024). Targeting AFP-RARβ complex formation: a potential strategy for treating AFP-positive hepatocellular carcinoma. Molecular diversity, 10.1007/s11030-024-10915-8. Advance online publication.
John, L., George, M., Dcunha, L., Nisar, M., Sanjeev, D., Pahal, P., Perunelly Gopalakrishnan, A., Basthikoppa Shivamurthy, P., Sreelan, S., Yandigeri, T., Kanekar, S., Raju, R., & Devasahayam Arokia Balaya, R. (2024). Elucidating the phosphoregulatory network of predominant phosphosite in AXL kinase: An integrative bioinformatic approach. Journal of Proteins and Proteomics.


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Our passion is fueled by the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. We invite you to join us in this exciting journey by reaching out to us. Your questions, ideas, and collaboration opportunities are the building blocks of the next wave of innovation.

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