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A multi-omics database containing information on homoeopathic drugs interactions with genes, proteins, and metabolites.

E.g. : Drug - Nigella sativa ; Disease - Acute malaria ; Gene - ITPRID2

About HomoeOmics DB

Introducing Homoemics, a pioneering milestone in the realm of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. HomoeOmics stands at the forefront as a groundbreaking multi-omics database, illuminating the intricate interplay between homoeopathic drugs and genes, proteins, and metabolites. Unveiling a realm of unprecedented insights, it serves as a beacon for researchers and practitioners alike, offering a comprehensive repository to delve into and decipher these interactions. More than just a repository, HomoeOmics empowers users with a suite of utilities, enabling them to not only reference but also analyze, compare, and potentially repurpose homoeopathic drugs for the treatment of previously deemed incurable diseases. With its innovative approach, HomoeOmics heralds a new era in drug discovery, positioning itself as the vanguard of transformative healthcare solutions. Truly unparalleled, HomoeOmics stands as the world's first of its kind, heralding a paradigm shift in how we perceive and harness the potential of homoeopathic medicines.


We compiled data on 65 homoeopathic drugs sourced from 100 articles, identified 600 genes, and associated them with 7000 diseases, with ongoing updates anticipated.These statistics highlight the breadth and depth of our project’s scope and potential impact.



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